Rawat Industrial Estate, Islamabad PK.

PANACEA is aggressive towards new products development to ensure treatment with latest innovative molecules.
We designed our Research and Development Department with “highly qualified and skilled people”, who are experts to design and develop innovative formulation addressing prevention, diagnosis and therapy to offer physicians and patients integrated healthcare solutions.
At Panacea our R&D involves in:

  • Producing new formulations.
  • Developing analytical methods.
  • Developing Validation Methods.
  • Conducting Stability Studies according to ICH Guideline.
  • Creams and ointments.

Laboratories are fully equipped with high-tech machineries which are able to handle effectively following forms:

  • Tablets (Controlled Release, Immediate Release and Enteric Coated).
  • Capsule (Immediate Release, controlled or sustained-release).
  • Dry Suspension.
  • Eye Drops.
  • Dry Powder for Injections.
  • Sachets.

PANACEA aims at continuous advancement in new product development which ensures the accessibility of every formulation and bring the successful innovative treatment to provide healthy life.